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The feel-good feeling

We’re not here to stop at skin deep. We’re here to help you feel truly, deeply, skin-to-soul comfortable, with a few surprises along the way. We bottle all that up into the Feel-Good Feeling of Jergens®.

Self-tanning SOLutions

Let the sun’s perfect color wash over you with our collection of self tanners that work with your unique skin tone to achieve flawless, sun-inspired color.

For bold hair transformations

Your hair is unique to you. Whether it's straight or curly, natural or color-treated, fine or thick, we have salon-quality products that'll show the world what your hair can do.

Free your pores with confidence

We take an unconventional approach to skincare by fighting smarter, not harder. Our products go deep into pores for an ultimate clean, to reveal your best skin ever.

Love the skin
you’re in

Dermatologist recommended, clinically proven, and loved by users to help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and so much more.

Total body solutions

We’re helping everybody feel positive that their pits are pampered, and their bits are at their best. Empowering every BODY to sweat without the stink, without shame and without fear of friction.

A breakthrough in eczema relief

Rediscover calm, visibly healthy skin with this first of its kind, at-home system that helps relieve itch and irritation quickly and easily, so you can take control over eczema flare-ups, and take control of your life.

Be kind to your skin

Inspired by traditional Japanese Skincare and proven by science, Japan’s No. 1 skincare solution for dry, sensitive skin gently restores moisture to your skin with ceramides to reveal a smooth, luminous complexion.