The Kao Way is the guiding principle for how we do business—instilling a sense of purpose in all we do.


As one Kao, we work together with passion to provide comprehensive care and enrichment to create a Kirei life - a cleaner, more beautiful, and healthier life for all people and the planet. Through innovation that provides excellent value, we share joy and create a safer, more harmonious world for all.


By deeply knowing and understanding our world and its people, we aim to improve people’s lives beyond their expectations—for a future where humans and nature thrive together.

Committed to People & The Planet

We know that today, it’s no longer enough to just prioritize the needs of people. We must prioritize the needs of our planet, too. We ensure those that we serve can enjoy products which work for them, work for society, and work for the planet – without compromise.

What we believe in and the values that lead us.

  • Integrity

    The Japanese word we use for integrity, seido wo ayumu, literally means walk the right path. We will always choose the path of integrity, even when it is not easy.

  • Yoki-Monozukuri

    For us, Yoki-Monozukuri means an excellent creation process that is good for everyone involved and enriches the lives of consumers and customers.

  • Innovation

    Whether it is steady improvements, breakthrough technologies, or new ways of doing business and communicating, we are committed to growth and change.

Our Principles

We believe that people and the planet are inextricably linked.

We think from the Genba - the actual spot or on-site.

We trust, respect, and need each other.

We act with courage.

We create a Kirei life for all - providing care and enrichment for the life of all people and the planet.

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