Tanning Water: What Is Tanning Water and What Does It Do?

Tanning Water: What Is Tanning Water and What Does It Do?

Discover what tanning water is and how to bathe your skin in its bronzy glow.

You've seen it before: the conspicuous orange tone of a self-tan gone wrong. This was a common sight in decades past, as reformed sun-worshippers followed skin cancer warnings and sought alternatives to spending hours on a lounge chair. Early self-tanning products were often clumpy, smelly, difficult to apply, and they left an uncomfortable feeling on the skin.

Fast forward a bit, and technology has made tremendous improvements to help you achieve the perfect tan without the UV rays. Self-tanning products on the market today cultivate a golden bronze in just a few hours, with no orange to be seen. These cutting-edge formulas are lightweight, easy to apply, and leave your skin feeling smooth and glowing.

For anyone who has had a bad experience with traditional self-tanners, or has been afraid to try sunless products after witnessing other self-tanning fails, here is a comprehensive guide to the best options in contemporary tanning products: self-tanning water and water mousse.

What Is Tanning Water?

Tanning water is a revolutionary gradual tanner that develops over a couple of hours, leaving behind an even bronzed glow. The clear formula is made with water and essential ingredients that are just like giving your skin a nourishing drink.

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Tanning water is a revolutionary gradual tanner that develops over a couple of hours, leaving behind an even bronzed glow. The clear formula is made with water and essential ingredients that are just like giving your skin a nourishing drink.

The active ingredient in tanning water is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, which reacts with the skin cells on the surface layer of your body to darken them temporarily, simulating a natural-looking tan.

Benefits of tanning water include:

    • Hydration: With a high water content, tanning water helps hydrate the skin at the same time as it works its tanning magic.
    • Lightweight texture: As a gentle spray or foam, it creates an airy texture that is easy to apply and won't clump or streak.
    • Doesn’t clog pores: Tanning water is lightweight and won’t feel heavy on your skin.
    • Mild scent: The crisp, fresh scent of tanning water is much lighter than the traditional odor of sunless tanners.



How To Use Tanning Water

The secret to self-tanning with tanning water is all in the prep work. Follow these steps to smooth your skin in order to ensure even, natural-looking results:

  1. Be sure to shave or wax at least 24 hours before tanning.
  2. Exfoliate your skin using a dry brush, towel, or sponge or a gel, liquid, or scrub.
  3. Moisturize all over 12-24 hours before tanning, focusing specifically on traditionally dry areas such as elbows and knees.
  4. Shower or cleanse thoroughly right before tanning to remove all oils, makeup and deodorant from the areas you plan to tan.
  5. Make sure your body is completely dry before using tanning water.
The application itself is fairly simple, but here are a few tricks to ensure the best bronze:
  • Spray the tanner directly on your skin, and use an applicator mitt in between sprays to rub it in OR spray the product on an applicator mitt and apply to your skin with the mitt in a circular motion.
  • Focus on one body part at a time, gently massaging the tanning water into your skin before moving on to the next area.
  • Wait a few minutes to thoroughly dry before getting dressed.
  • Let the tan develop and get glowing within four hours!

What Is Tanning Water Mousse?



If you're still hesitant about tanning water because you like a bit more texture with your sunless product, you might want to give sunless tanning water mousse a try. It pumps out in a foam but dissolves on your skin into a watery consistency that absorbs quickly and spreads evenly. Here's what you can expect from this revolutionary sunless bronzer:

  • Light, airy mousse that spreads smoothly for an even application
  • Foam texture for easier absorption and diffusion
  • Visibly hydrates
  • Clear, non-staining formula
  • Dye-free and streak-resistant
  • Tropical, pleasant scent
For more detailed information about tanning water mousse, check out this deep dive on the product! Learn how to use the tanning water mousse and more.


Tanning Water FAQs

1. Are tanning water and tanning water mousse safe?
Short answer: Yes! The lighter texture of these products absorbs quickly into skin. They're safer than sunlight because they don’t expose your skin to harmful UV radiation. The active ingredient DHA is FDA-approved for external use. It does not absorb into your bloodstream, staying on the surface layer of your skin until it comes off in a matter of days.

2. Does tanning water or water mousse stain clothes?
Tanning water is a clear spray, so it won’t stain like other self-tanners. Tanning water mousse is a light, translucent foam that is non-staining.

3. How long does it take for tanning water or water mousse to work?
Tanning water develops a couple hours after application and peaks at 24 hours. Tanning water mousse develops within 4 hours and lasts for days.

SOL's Sunless Tanning Pro Tips

If you're looking for a sunless tanning water mousse that gives you the perfect sun-kissed color without the harmful UV rays, check out Jergens SOL Sunless Tanning Water Mousse. There are two shades available - medium and deep- and the foam texture is light, airy, and translucent. With an active ingredient derived from natural sugars and coconut water infusion, you’ll have the perfect sun-kissed bronze for the summer.

Along with a tanning water mousse, SOL by Jergens Sunless Tanners offers everything you need to get your perfect, safe, sunless tan started:

  1. The self-tanning serum is the perfect addition to your skin care routine. It can be added to your daily moisturizer for a kiss of color that you can customize by modifying the number of drops you use. This serum is formulated for safe use on both the face and body, plus it is non-comedogenic so you don’t need to worry about clogging your pores in the process.
  2. A tanning applicator mitt is a must for a perfectly even, streakless application of your sunless tanning product.

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