Sensitive skin needs moisture and gentle, consistent care that works for the skin, not against it.

gentle care.

There’s strength in softness, especially when it comes to your skin. The core of Japanese skincare is to spend time and take care. It’s not about abrasive corrections or covering flaws, but reviving your skin with a consistent skincare regimen that doesn’t fight with or strip your skin of its natural oils but restores it with moisture. Your skin will thank you with radiance.



Skin Barrier essentials

Dry, sensitive skin can be a symptom of a compromised skin moisture barrier. Environmental factors like seasonal weather changes, harsh soaps and detergents, and even diet and stress can all impact the vitality of your skin moisture barrier. While everyone’s skin journey is unique, one reaction is universal — not feeling your best in your own skin. That’s where ceramides make all the difference.

  • Skin that lacks ceramides can develop a weakened moisture barrier leaving it susceptible to becoming dry and sensitive. 

  • A strong moisture barrier helps skin retain hydration and prevent dryness from returning.

don’t just treat your skin.

While most moisturizers target the symptoms of dry skin, Curél skincare’s Ceramide Care System helps to strengthen and replenish your skin’s moisture barrier with ceramides; resulting in soft, luminous and blossoming skin. Use daily to experience the same deeply-hydrated glow that has made Curél the no. 1 facial skincare brand for sensitive skin in Japan.**

*Based on INTAGE Inc SRI Data, Sensitive Skincare Product Market, Mar 2018 – Dec 2021, Value Base **Based on research conducted by Macromill CareNet, Inc. Dermatologist panel, Dec 2022

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    #CurelDeepMoistureSpray! It sprays a ultra fine mist that covers a large area at 1 time. All you have to do is spray it on and give it a quick wipe with your hand and your skin will do the rest. You don't have to keep rubbing to get it to soak in. The ultra fine mist does it for you! #HomeTestersClub couldn't have picked a better brand to partner with! It's so awesome! It's actually my new favorite! So glad I had the opportunity from #HoneTestersClub because I probably would have never tried this product out on my own. I would have missed out on this awesome product.

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  • Rating is 5 out of 5


    Curél Intensive Moisture Facial Cream is a lightweight cream that absorbs great. It is very gentle on sensitive skin as well. My facial skin feels so soft and smooth after applying this cream and not greasy at all. I use it in the morning and evening and it seems to last all day and even under makeup. My skin is dry and sensitive and this cream keep me hydrated all day.


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