Are Joy Works products really formulated for sensitive skin?

Yes! We created Joy Works with the mission of bringing JOY & peace of mind to people with sensitive skin, since we know that having sensitive skin can be frustrating. Affordable products you are excited to use, with formulas you can trust.

Are Joy Works products dermatologist tested?

Yes, these products are dermatologist tested.

How does the prebiotic help me with my sensitive skin needs?

Prebiotic is known to keep the microbiome of your skin healthy and improve your overall skin health. In this process, is helps strengthen your skin barrier, protect against external pollutants, and help improve certain skin conditions.

Are these formulas safe for someone with a nut allergy?

Some of the Joy Works products are nut free: Calming Face Mask, Hydrating Facial Moisturizer, and Gentle Facial Cleanser. However, our Soothing Body Lotion & Fragrance-Free Daily Body Lotion do contain Macadamia Oil for moisturization, so we do not recommend someone with a nut allergy use them.

Where can I purchase Joy Works products?

You can purchase Joy Works products right here on our site and also in any Dollar General stores or at dg.com.

Does Joy Works have an Instagram?

Yes, you can follow us on Instagram @joyworksbeauty, to stay up-to-date on product & brand updates!

Sustainability & Transparency

Are these formulas tested on animals?

No, the Joy Works products are not tested on animals, we love our furry friends!

Are these packages recyclable?

The tubes & bottles are 100% recyclable. The tube caps are #5 PP recyclable, but you cannot recycle the bottle pumps.