How to Apply Face Masks

How to Apply Face Masks

Incorporating face masks into your weekly skincare routine can help pamper your skin and give you a moment of me-time. Depending on the face mask you choose, they can help absorb excess oil, deep clean your pores, and remove dirt and other impurities. Nourishing facial masks are a luxurious skin solution that can help detoxify your pores and brighten your complexion.

Different Types of Face Masks

Facial masks come in many different forms to fit your skincare needs. Depending on your skincare goals, you may want to choose a mask that can help absorb excess oil or a mask that helps detox your pores. No matter your skincare goals, there’s a face mask out there for you!

Clay Masks

Clay masks help penetrate pores to leave your skin seriously purified. If you have oily skin, our creamy clay mask can help eliminate impurities and energize your skin.

Brightening Masks

A brightening mask is designed to improve your skin’s tone and texture by getting rid of dull skin. Our brightening mask formula contains Yuzu lemon, a known source of Vitamin C, as well as papaya, an ingredient that is known to remove dead skin cell buildup with natural fruit acid. Choose this type of face mask if you’re looking to boost your skin’s radiance.

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Charcoal Masks

If you have oily skin, try incorporating a charcoal face mask into your routine two to three times a week. Charcoal is known to trap and draw out impurities, which is why charcoal face masks are so effective for oily skin types.

Warming Masks

Warming masks or thermal masks use self-heating technology to gently open up pores and draw out dirt and grime. If you have oily skin, a charcoal warming mask can help prevent excess oil and clogged pores. On the other hand, if you have combination skin, try a warming mask with blue agave and baking soda. Natural blue agave is known to soothe and condition your skin, while baking soda is known to help deep clean.

Whipped Masks

Whipped facial masks tend to have a thicker, creamier texture. For these types of masks, lay the formula on thick to help detoxify your pores and set the reset button on your complexion. Our whipped masks also contain menthol, which leaves your skin feeling pore-tingly clean. To eliminate impurities and balance combination skin, try a whipped detox mask.

How to Apply a Face Mask

When you’ve found the best face mask for your skin type, now it’s time for the best part, application! Use the following steps to learn the proper order for applying and removing a face mask. Specific application tips depend on the directions on the product you’re using, so make sure to carefully read the directions before applying your mask.

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

Before applying your mask, you’ll want to wash your face with a facial cleanser. Wash your face to remove any makeup, oil, or daily grime. Using a face mask on clean skin helps improve the effectiveness of your mask.

Step 2: Apply Your Favorite Mask

Application tips vary depending on the specific mask you’re using. For our brightening mask, squeeze a generous amount of product onto your fingers and spread evenly over your face. Be careful around more sensitive areas like your eyes, nostrils, and mouth.

Step 3: Take a Few Minutes of Me Time

Depending on the mask you choose, you may need to let the mask sit on your skin for between one to ten minutes. Read the instructions on your product packaging and chill as needed. It may be helpful to set a timer on your phone to help you keep track of time.

Step 4: Remove Your Mask

When the time is up, wet your face to remove the mask. It may also help to use a wet washcloth to get all the product off of your face.

Step 5: Continue with Your Skincare Routine

After removing your mask and admiring your newly radiant skin, continue on with your regular skincare routine. If you have oily skin, you may want to apply a toner to further refine your pores. To instantly remove blackheads and clogged pores, try applying a pore strip or charcoal skin care products for deep pore cleansing.


Our Top Face Mask Tips

  • When choosing your face mask, consider your skincare goals to help find the best mask for you.
  • Make sure to wash your face before applying a mask. If you have makeup or other residue on your face, the mask may be less effective at deep cleaning your pores.
  • Most masks can be used two to three times a week as part of your regular skincare routine. Frequency varies by your skin type and the specific face mask you’re using.
  • If you’re stressed out, try using a face mask for a moment of Zen. Find a quiet space to chill out while your mask works its magic.

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