Our Kindness Commitment

For you, us and the planet, we know that skin-to-soul comfort only comes when we are confident we are doing our best to stay safe & healthy and to minimize impact on the planet.

We set the highest standards for the safe usage of our products, including submitting each to dermatologist testing. In some instances, we choose to use alternative ingredients to address consumer concerns.

We care for and respect the health and welfare of animals.  We do not conduct animal testing on our products, and our parent company Kao has been actively working to find robust alternatives to animal testing.

We are taking action to help minimize the impact of our products on the planet.  We have switched to renewable energy in our manufacturing and have been certified by Green-e.  We have implemented a ‘Formulas Safe for the Environment’ program to further reduce potential product impact on our waterways.  We are working hard to improve all our products under this program.  Only those the meet the highest standards are awarded the new ‘Formula Safe for the Environment’ claim.

  • We do not test our products or the materials within them on animals. We follow the conventions of the EU and other governmental bans on animal testing for cosmetics.

  • By 2025, we strive to have all of our products be safe for land and water through formulas which are made with biodegradable ingredients and will not harm aquatic life.

  • We have been using green forms of energy since 2019, and starting in 2023, all our US operated factories and owned offices use 100% renewable electricity, certified through the Green-e® Marketplace program.