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Living with eczema isn’t easy—and we’re here to help.

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Recover Healthy Skin And Your Life

One in ten people will experience eczema during their lifetime, with itchy skin, redness, and sleepless nights. We know that eczema affects more than just your skin, and we want to change the conversation around it. We are dedicated to providing real education, support and relief—so you can get back to doing the things you love.

More than skin deep

We Care For Both You And Your Skin

Our system is tested by dermatologists. And our calming serum is steroid-free, minimally formulated, fragrance-free, contains no dyes or parabens and is safe for sensitive skin. Everything is designed with both you, and your skin, in mind—to make your life better.

All About

Power of re/cover

re/cover provides relief to those who suffer from eczema so they can take back control of their lives – both physically and emotionally.

Our Formulation

With colloidal oatmeal, the serum calms red, irritated skin while our protective moisturizing patch employs our patented breakthrough technology developed in Japan.

Easy Application

Gently clings to skin without traditional adhesives, locks in hydration to protect against dryness, and visibly vanishes on the skin.

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Quickly relieve the disruption and discomfort of eczema with a soothing serum and invisible protective moisture patch to help recover healthy looking skin.