10 Practical Tips for How To Relax After Work

10 Practical Tips for How To Relax After Work

After a full day's work, coming home should be relaxing and give you time to recoup before the next day. Unfortunately, for many people, the stress from work does not miraculously disappear at the end of the day. It is not uncommon for the hustle and bustle of careers and the intrusiveness of technology to blur the line of the work-life balance. Try our top tips to help you relax after work and rest your mind so that you feel energized the next day.

10 Ways To Relax After Work

Relaxation is a skill. You have to learn to actively and purposefully turn off the parts of your brain associated with work, to turn to those elements in life you find most comforting. The following tips can help you relax and destress after a long day of work.

1. Go for a Walk
Walking combines a couple of activities that are known to cause relaxation: exercise and the outdoors. Exercise helps to release endorphins which contribute to feelings of happiness and calm. During busy workdays, it is not uncommon for cortisol levels to spike, increasing anxiety and worry. During exercise, especially gentle exercise like walking, your stress hormones subside, allowing your body to relax and your brain to calm down. Taking a walk through the park or your neighborhood can help you release some anxiety, allowing your body and muscles to settle after a busy workday.

“Exercise helps to release endorphins which contribute to feelings of happiness and calm.”

2. Turn Off Your Notifications
One of the worst things to happen for stress levels was the invention of the cell phone and instant notifications. Today, boundaries do not exist unless you set them. If you want to relax after work, turn off your notifications or even shut off your phone entirely. You might also want to set a specific time every night when all technology is shut off, allowing your brain a break from the constant interruptions.

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3. Plan Something Fun for the Weekend
Having an event or activity to look forward to can help you power through your week. It might sound like a little thing, but so much of society is built on the idea of incentives and rewards, so your brain is programmed to favor rewards, making the journey to the goal more bearable.

4. Pamper Yourself
Give yourself the gift of me-time by enjoying a nice hot bath or shower after work to wash the stress away. Beyond letting the water run over you, give yourself a little more comfort by using a moisturizing body wash. Refreshing and delightfully fragrant, it leaves skin feeling moisturized, and visibly soft.

5. Start a New Hobby
You can try learning a new language, practicing a new instrument, or playing a new sport. You can even delve into yoga, drawing, or painting. There are numerous possibilities, but only you can find the hobby that works best for you. .

6. Call a Friend
Connecting with friends and family after work can help you destress and build your relationships. If it has been a while since you talked to friends or family, take a few minutes after work this week to call and check-in. Better yet, hang out in person by going to dinner or on a walk.




7. Practice Mindfulness
Mindfulness is gaining popularity, and it is a combination of healthy living and living in the moment. Practices like yoga and meditation are part of the mindfulness practice. Focusing on the present moment can help you reduce stress and let go of your problems at the end of the day.

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“To avoid stress-related problems, it is best to learn how to relax after work, set boundaries, and pamper yourself.”

8. Get Cozy on the Couch With a Book
One of the best ways to relax after a long workday is by cozying up on the couch with a good book. Let the story become all-encompassing while allowing work to fade into the background.

9. Try a New Recipe
It might sound simple, but the act of cooking and eating can be relaxing. Find your inner foodie and select a new recipe for dinner or a baked good for dessert.

10. Drift off to Sleep
Sometimes, the best way to relax is to allow yourself to rest and drift off to sleep. When trying to relax before bed, try taking a shower and applying a lavender body butter before you go to sleep.


Our Top Relaxation Tips

While stress is a common part of life, the blurring of work-life balance can make it difficult to destress and relax after work. To avoid stress-related problems, it is best to learn how to relax after work, set boundaries, and pamper yourself. To kick off your relaxation routine, try and focus on four core areas:

  1. Meditation: Focus on the present moment and practice mindfulness through daily meditation.
  2. Exercise: Decompress by taking a walk or doing a workout.
  3. Socialization: Connect with friends and family by talking on the phone or spending quality time with your loved ones.
  4. Sleep: Quality sleep is key to recovering after a long day at work and getting prepared for the next day.