How To Self Tan Hands

How To Self Tan Hands

“Getting evenly tanned hands can be tricky, but it's essential if you want your glow to look natural and healthy. Hands that are streaky or dark and patchy may let everyone know your tan is faux.”

Here is a simple guide from Jergens skincare on how to self-tan hands.

Step by Step Guide To Self Tan Your Hands Perfectly

Before putting any sunless tanner on your hands, you'll need to do some prep work for your skin.

    1. Start by clearing away the dead skin cells on your hands: Exfoliating your hands a few hours before applying any self-tanner helps smooth out your skin for an even application without streaks. You'll need to use an exfoliator that can rinse completely off of your skin, so you can apply self-tanner on a clean canvas.
    2. Moisturize your hands: Use an oil-free moisturizer for best results. Moisturizers without oil help keep your tan from fading too quickly. Moisturizing before applying tanner will help prevent dry areas from developing on your hands. Dry areas on the skin are more likely to look streaky and patchy with self-tanner.
Next, it's time to apply the tanner to your hands.
    1. After you've applied self-tanner to the other parts of your body, use the product you already have on your tanning mitt, gloves, or hand. If you need a little more, only put a small amount of tanner onto your mitt or hand.
    2. Make a claw shape with your hand for perfect coverage all over your fingers, palms, and knuckles. For an even more precise application for tan hands, use a flat-head blending brush.
    3. After applying self-tanner, grab a makeup wipe to clean off excess product from your fingernails, cuticles, inner wrists, and palms. Avoid rinsing off or getting your hands wet until the tanning product has completely dried. If your self-tanner's directions indicate you need to wash your hands after application, follow the product manufacturer's instructions.

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How To Rub Away Your Tanning Errors

Getting the perfect tan on your hands can be a challenge with self-tanner. It’s okay to make some mistakes along the way.

Luckily, there are some easy fixes that can salvage your summer glow. Here's what to do if you mess up.

    • Use an Exfoliator – One way you can fix tanning errors is to bring back the exfoliator. For tanning mishaps on your hands, such as dark spots or streaks, rub some exfoliator on your hands to remove the excess shade.
    • Try Self Tan Remover – If you want to remove the self-tanning product from your hands and start over, you can try a self-tan remover. Apply the self-tan remover with a tanning mitt, wait a few minutes and wipe it off to clear away the tanning product and redo your application.
    • Apply Baby Oil – Another trick that helps with self-tanning mistakes is using baby oil and a soft towel. Apply baby oil onto your hands and use a towel to rub the tanning product off of your skin


How To Cling Onto That Tan




That perfect bronze shade may fade away too quickly if you don't take extra good care of your skin. So, here are some ways you can maintain your stunning summer glow.:

    • Opt for an Oil-Free Moisturizer – Only use oil-free moisturizers after applying self-tanner to your body and hands. Your skin will be dewy soft without flaking.
    • Don't Overdo Showers – Maintain your perfect tan by showering strategically. The day you apply your self-tanner, stay away from the shower. Take shorter showers with cooler water instead of long, hot showers.
    • Avoid Harsh Products for Your Skin – You should also stay away from harsh products to keep your glow going. Toners and alcohol-based hand sanitizers may strip your skin's moisture and fade your tanned hands.
    • Wear Gloves When Doing Dishes – If you have dish duty at home, you'll need to put on gloves when it's your turn. You'll also need to adjust the water temperature to something a little cooler. Super hot water and constant dunking and scrubbing in the sink can cause your self-tanner to wear off.
    • Choose a Gradual Tanner – If you want to build up your tan over a more extended period of time and keep your shade from fading, try using a gradual tanner. Gradual tanners can be applied each day and let your tan develop slowly over a few days.

More Expert Self Tan Help From Jergens Skincare

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