Our Story

Our core philosophy at Bio-Oil® is that the journey to healthy skin begins with oil, because oil nourishes, restores, protects and gives skin life.

The formula that changed it all

Bio-Oil® was launched over 35 years ago with a single product by German chemist Dieter Beier, who studied and researched the positive effects of pure oil on skin. The brand has grown organically to include millions of fans around the world who have recognized the transformative power of Bio-Oil® for scars, stretchmarks, and so much more.

The Future Of Bio-Oil®

The Bio-Oil® research team is committed to taking skincare to the next level. Our products are made with high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients—from pharmaceutical grade oils to natural plant extracts. While we continue to innovate and purposely grow our product line, it always comes back to the power of oil.

What We Believe In


    Everything we do is done to preserve and maintain the purity of oil—for the greatest benefits to you and your skin, and the clinical studies to prove it.


    It took us over 30 years to launch a new product—we aren’t in any rush—because anything we create needs to be better than what is currently on the shelf.


    We continue to be pioneers in the use of oil to treat skin concerns, and in 2010 we set up a specialist laboratory dedicated to furthering our progress.

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