What is Wet Skin Moisturizer?

What is Wet Skin Moisturizer?

Learn how to incorporate this unique skincare product into your skincare routine!

Benefits of Wet Skin Moisturizer

Save time: Wet skin moisturizers are perfect if you're looking to save time on your moisturizing routine. Your skin will gain quick-absorbing, non-greasy nourishment while shaving a few extra minutes off your morning routine.

Easy to apply: You apply it directly to wet skin right after showering for long-lasting hydration. It goes on just as easily as any other lotion would!

Deep-penetrating hydration: Since wet skin moisturizers are applied right after the shower, your pores are still open, leading to optimal absorption. Wet skin moisturizers are also specifically formulated to maximize effectiveness when it works with the moisture and humidity from your shower.

Go ahead and give wet skin moisturizers a try!

What to Avoid

  1. Over-drying Skin: Avoid vigorously toweling off excess water from your skin before applying the moisturizer, as it can strip away moisture, reducing the product's efficiency. Instead try to prevent dry skin after showering.
  2. Using Too Much Product: While the skin is damp, it's more receptive to the moisturizer, so using excessive amounts can lead to a greasy or sticky feeling. A little goes a long way.
  3. Applying on Broken or Irritated Skin: Avoid using wet skin moisturizers on areas with cuts, rashes, or irritation, as the active ingredients may cause discomfort or further irritation.

Go ahead and give wet skin moisturizers a try! Make sure you provide your body the self care it needs.