Tips for Dyed Hair: How to Take Care of Colored Hair

Dyed hair is usually drier and more prone to breakage than natural hair. Learn how to care for colored hair with our top tips for bleached and dyed hair.
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Everybody needs a change from time to time, and changing your hair color is one of the easiest ways to bring a little something new into your life. But coloring and bleaching can do a number on your strands. Colored hair is usually drier and more prone to breakage than virgin locks, so caring for your dyed hair will require a little extra work.

Whether you’re just adding highlights, going for a trendy ombre or planning an all-over color transformation, here are our top tips on how to take care of bleached and dyed hair.

Top Tips For Taking Care Of Colored Hair

Incorporating the right hair care practices can improve the look of your colored hair by ten fold. We’ll go over how to protect your dyed or bleached hair from beginning to end. Starting with prepping, to maintaining, and then optimizing your colored locks, unleashing their full potential for a stunning, professional appearance.

How to Prep Your Hair Before Coloring and Bleaching

Since bleaching and dyeing can be damaging to your hair, starting with the healthiest hair possible will yield better results. Before you take the plunge, follow these tips.

  • Begin with virgin locks. For the healthiest, softest, most luscious color, don’t bleach, dye or process your hair for several months before you go for a new color.
  • Use clarifying shampoos and conditioners. Remove product buildup and give your hair a clean, healthy canvas for your color by washing with clarifying products.
  • Ease up on heat styling. Heat styling is damaging to your strands, and we’re trying to keep your hair as healthy as possible, remember?
  • Deep condition often. Bleaching and dyeing strip the hair’s cuticle of the oils and nutrients that keep it looking soft and healthy. Deep conditioning before coloring your hair can help it hold onto more moisture without hindering the process.

How to Maintain Colored Hair

Once you’ve dyed or bleached your hair, keeping it soft, shiny and brass-free are going to be your top priorities. Here’s how to take care of dyed hair to keep your color fresh and healthy.

1. Look for Nourishing Shampoos and Conditioners.

Certain products can strip your hair of its natural oils. Since your dyed locks are already going to be extra parched, make sure to use moisturizing products to help nourish colored hair. Replenish moisture with a color-safe nourishing conditioner formulated with vital nutrients and silk protein. If your hair feels greasy in between washes, try dry shampoo in between washes to keep your style fresh.

What to Avoid: Do your best to avoid hair care products with sulfate. Harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), which are commonly found in many shampoos can strip away not only dirt and impurities but also the precious color molecules that give your hair its stunning hue.

What to Look For: So, when you're on the hunt for hair products to maintain your colored locks, remember that sulfate-free options are your best friends. They help you keep your hair looking lustrous and healthy, all while protecting the investment you've made in your gorgeous hair color.

2. Deep Condition.

To deeply condition your hair, try a leave-in conditioner to help strengthen and protect against heat. For extra nourishment, try a damage repairing hair mask to help transform damaged, breakage-prone hair into a stronger, restored hair.

3. Use Color-Safe Products.

Depending on your hair color, look for products designed for your specific shade. Washing and conditioning with color-safe shampoos and conditioners can help prevent fading, prolong your color and restore multi-faceted shine to your locks. If you’re brunette, look for products for brunette hair to help reveal multidimensional shine. Even if you have deep, black, 2a hair, the color can still dull out. You can keep its vibrancy and shine with light products, such as hair gloss, to maintain its color. For red hair care, boost your hair color with our red shampoo and conditioner. Finally, for blondes, amplify and brighten your color with products specially designed for blonde hair.

What to Avoid: Avoid hair products containing parabens and alcohol, as these ingredients can contribute to color fading and damage. Parabens have been linked to color loss, while alcohol-based products can dry out your hair and diminish both its color vibrancy and overall health. Choosing paraben and alcohol-free options ensures your hair remains vibrant and healthy.

What to Look For: Like we said earlier, opt for sulfate-free hair products because they avoid harsh detergents that can strip away color molecules from your hair, preserving the vibrancy of your colored locks and extending the longevity of your chosen hue.

4. Neutralize Brassiness.

As color fades, brassy orange and yellow tones can start to shine through, turning your strands a dull, unflattering shade. Blue or purple shampoo can help prevent brassy tones from cramping your style. Blue shampoo helps knock out orange tones in brunette hair while purple shampoo helps remove brassy yellow tones in blonde hair.

5. Protect Your Color from Environmental Factors.

Sun exposure and even chemicals like chlorine can alter the shade of your dyed hair and lead to brassy tones. Protect your colored hair with a hat or a UV-filtering hair product, and use a clarifying shampoo after swimming in a chlorinated pool.

6. Avoid Heat Styling.

Blow-drying, curling, and flat-ironing can all dry out your already parched hair. If you have curly hair, try going au naturel and try a styling foam instead of heat to style your locks.

After Care For Dyed Hair

In terms of aftercare for colored hair, there are some essential practices that can significantly impact the longevity of your chosen hue. Follow these aftercare tips to mitigate your color from fading:

  • Wait for 72 hours before washing your colored hair. It is crucial to allow the hair cuticles to fully seal, preventing color bleeding and fading. This patience ensures your hair color remains vibrant and stunning after the coloring process.
  • Incorporate dry shampoo. This helps maintain your dyed hair's color by allowing you to cleanse your scalp without frequent color-stripping washes. This product helps keep your locks fresh between washes and prolongs the longevity of your chosen hair hue.
  • Reduce exposure to chlorinated pools. Chlorine can be harsh on colored hair and has the potential to strip away the color, leaving it looking lackluster. If swimming is a must, consider protective measures like using a swim cap or applying a conditioner to shield your hair from chlorine damage.

What Not To Do With Colored Hair

Color-treating hair involves bleach or other chemicals. This means your strands undergo quite a bit of stress to get that new color you love. Colored hair tends to be drier and prone to damage and breakage. Depending on how drastic your color-change is, finding the right products and routine to maintain healthy-looking, salon-fresh hair can take some trial and error. But whether you have a few light highlights or a completely different color from your natural strands, a little extra TLC is in order.

When it comes to achieving flawless colored hair, steering clear of common mistakes is as essential as choosing the right shade. Let's delve into some pitfalls to avoid along your colorful journey.

  • Choosing salon dye over box dye. Salon professionals can provide customized color and even application, ensuring the desired shade and longer-lasting results. The precision and expertise of a colorist play a crucial role in achieving flawless colored hair.
  • Roughly drying your colored hair. Vigorous towel rubbing or high-heat blow-drying can lead to frizz, breakage, and color fading. To maintain the integrity of your vibrant hue, it's essential to gently pat your hair with a microfiber towel and use a low-heat setting on your dryer.
  • Overusing styling products. These can weigh down your colored hair and potentially affect the color's vibrancy. Instead, opt for lightweight, color-safe styling alternatives like mousse or leave-in conditioners, providing hold and nourishment without compromising your hair's radiant hue.

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