There are many solutions to help you tame your frizzy hair. Check out our essential tips to see what will be best routine for you to solve your frizzy hair problems!
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Dry, frizzy hair plagues many of us, especially those with curly or wavy hair. Learning how to get rid of your frizzy hair can be a daily battle. Dryness and damage are the main culprits. Using the wrong products, heat styling, over-processing, and even brushing can all result in a poofy mane of dry, frizzy hair. So what’s the solution?

Keeping your hair healthy and hydrated with the right hair care routines and styling products can help you say goodbye to frizz forever. Here are some of our best frizzy hair solutions.

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Frizzy Hair Solutions for the Shower

  1. Choose shampoo and conditioners with glycerin. Glycerin is a fantastic frizz-fighting ingredient that penetrates the hair fiber, hydrating from the inside out. It also creates a protective layer around the hair shaft to seal moisture in. Use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner formulated with glycerin to create a protective barrier that seals in hydration and locks out style-ruining moisture.
  2. Skip the shampoo. Shampooing every couple of days is often enough for most people. If your hair is dehydrated, only shampoo twice a week and condition it on the other days. On days when you don’t shower, use a smoothing dry oil to hydrate hair and refresh your style.
  3. Deep-condition to keep the hair cuticle smooth. Leaving a frizz-fighting conditioner on your hair for at least 3-5 minutes can help smooth the cuticle and prevent frizz. Frizz immunity contains natural coconut oil, which penetrates deep into the hair cuticle, smoothing and strengthening your strands from the inside out.
  4. Use a weekly hair mask. Deep-condition your hair weekly with a repairing hair mask formulated with natural avocado oil. Using a 10-day frizzy hair tamer can also help maintain frizz-free hair.

Frizzy Hair Solutions for Styling

  1. Take a break from coloring your hair. Bleaching and dyeing are very damaging to your delicate mane. If you’re fighting frizz, take a break from coloring and try a deep-conditioning mask instead. Use a hair mask infused with vitamin E or nourishing oil elixir weekly to help revitalize damaged hair.
  2. Avoid heat tools. Flat irons and curling wands burn your hair’s cuticle, causing frizz. If you can’t do without them, use them in the lowest setting. Setting your hot tools below 300 degrees is best to avoid damage. Also, use a heat-protecting leave-in conditioner spray to create a barrier against heat damage.
  3. Use a diffuser when blow-drying. If you can, air-dry your hair about 90% before using a blow dryer to avoid the amount of time your locks are exposed to damaging heat. And when you blow dry, use a diffuser to limit direct heat.
  4. Use Nourishing Serums. Hair serum helps seal your hair’s cuticle, repelling humidity and instantly taming frizz. If you are prone to frizzy hair and have a busy schedule, always keep extra products on the go!
  5. Style curly hair with anti-frizz products. Define and tame curls by finger-combing them with a frizz creme, mousse, or gel. Use a curl-defining gel to smooth and control even the most stubborn curls.
  6. Use a mascara wand for flyaways. Smooth unruly frizz back into place with a clean mascara wand or toothbrush coated in a frizz-fighting hairspray, that you can pair with a frizzy hair primer beforehand.
  7. Brush gently. Never brush frizzy hair when it’s dry! Instead, detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb after showering, and use a round, natural boar bristle brush when blow-drying to help smooth the hair cuticle and carry oils from your scalp down the hair shaft to the ends.
  8. Reset your style with a bit of water. If you forget to bring any touch-up cream or extra product for a temporary fix during a frizz emergency, patting down frizzy strands with a little bit of water will help tame the frizz and reset your style.

    Frizzy Hair Solutions for Everyday Care

    1. Get regular trims. Split ends can travel all the way up the hair shaft. Eliminate breakage and stop frizz in its tracks by getting regular trims.
    2. Use a microfiber towel Use a microfiber towel to squeeze excess moisture from your mane instead of a regular towel. If you don’t have a microfiber towel, use a soft cotton t-shirt to wick away moisture!
    3. Switch to silk or satin. Rough cotton sheets or pillowcases can cause a lot of friction, roughing up your hair’s cuticle and leaving you with a frizzy, tangled mess in the morning. Switch to silk or satin to reduce friction and combat frizz.
    4. Tie hair up overnight. Protect your hair from too much friction in your sleep by securing it in a loose braid, low bun, or high pony for the night. Make sure you use a scrunchie and softly style it to avoid any creases in your hair in the morning.
    5. Avoid touching your hair too much during the day. Bad hair habits, like running your fingers through your hair all day long, can ruffle your hair's cuticle and make it appear poofy and frizzy.
    6. Protect your hair during your workout. It may sound crazy, but sweat can actually dry out your locks. The combination of salt and proteins found in sweat can be very dehydrating for hair. Before your workout, spritz on a leave-in conditioner to seal in moisture and create a barrier against sweat.

    Embrace your hair

    Battling frizzy hair can be stressful, but we hope these essential tips can help you tame it. Don’t stress yourself out because frizzy hair is natural and can always reoccur due to your hair type, lifestyle, and the weather. Sometimes it can be out of your control even when you stop bad hair habits, like dyeing your hair less and reducing heat styling tools. Embrace your natural hair and texture, and remember that your frizzy hair does not control you!

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