Find the best hairstyles for thin, curly hair and learn how to add volume to your curls without weighing them down.

Curly hair requires a little extra TLC—especially if your curly hair is also fine or thin. If you have thin, curly hair, whether due to genetics, age or a medical condition, creating volume and texture is your primary styling goal. Luckily, nothing adds texture and disguises thinness better than curls.

Choosing the right cut and style for your thin, curly hair is the key to making your curls appear full and bouncy. Here are some of our top picks for thin, curly hairstyles—along with the styling products that will give your curls volume without weighing them down.

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9 Hairstyles for Thin, Curly Hair

1. Pinned back

Want to maintain longer curls? Try pinning the top half back to give the crown some lift. Spray your roots with a volumizing thickening spray to give the style some extra oomph.

2. Half-Up Top Knot

This casual style adds instant volume to longer curls. A perfect option for busy gals on the go, the top knot works great with day 2 curls. Simply give your curls a boost with some texturizing spray, then back-comb and twist into a knot. Secure with bobby pins or a hair tie, and you’re out the door in minutes.

3. The Curly Bob

Shorter cuts like this classic bob make hair look and feel fuller while disguising a thinning crown. A deep side part can help hide thin areas, and the layers give curls extra bounce. Bonus: short hair is easier to style and care for, too. Just use a texturizing, volumizing mousse to add volume without weighing curls down.

4. Top Bun with an Accessory

Buns aren’t typically recommended for thin hair. But with the use of volumizing hair products and an eye-catching hair accessory, a curly bun can look uber chic.

5. Middle Part

Fine, curly-haired gals can rock a trendy middle part too! Create extra volume around the part with a volumizing blow-out spray.

6. Braided Back

Braids can add great texture and volume to your hairstyle in a very feminine, flattering way. The trick is to braid your fine hair tightly against your head, then use your fingers to gently pull each section apart, spreading the bread to create a fuller look. Tame flyaways and hold your braid in place with a volumizing hairspray.

7. Down with a Scarf

Just because your curls are fine doesn’t mean you can’t wear them long. Use a volumizing shampoo and weightless conditioner for thin hair regularly to inject extra fullness into your curls. Dealing with thin areas at the crown? Try wrapping a scarf or thick headband around your head for a trendy, concealing style.

8. A Low Messy Bun

A messy bun at the nape of your neck is a perfect, easy style for longer curls. Create lift at your roots with a volumizing styling spray, then pull curls into a loose bun. Leave a few curly tendrils around your face to make the style even fuller.

9. The Loose Pony

Just like a low bun, a loose, teased ponytail adds beautiful oomph to thinner curls. Back-comb your hair at the roots, and spritz them with texturizing spray to add extra body. Then gather your curls into a loose ponytail. Pull your hair out slightly to give more lift at the crown.

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