How to Dry Your Hair Without Frizz

Learn how to dry your hair without frizz with just these four rules!
woman getting her hair blow dryed

With all the products on the shelves designed to eliminate frizz, it’s easy to throw a few in your cart and think your frizzy hair problem is a thing of the past. Finding the right products definitely helps, but what if we said you could skip the blow dryer and air dry your hair without frizz?

What is Frizzy Hair and Do You Have It?

Frizzy hair is when your hair fibers go in different directions, which makes it feel rougher. The cuticle layer of frizzy hair is raised and allows water to move in and out, which causes your hair to swell and dry out easily.

What causes frizzy hair? Dryness, damage, humidity, genetics, and more. Frizzy hair can appear for all hair types. So whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, chances are you’ll be fighting off inevitable frizz at some point.

Although there are a lot of frizz-free in-shower products on the market, learning how to air dry your hair without making it frizzy will save you time and keep your hair healthy.


4 Rules of Air-Drying Your Hair Without Frizz

1. Ditch Your Shampoo (Every Other Time)

Frizz can be the result of parched locks, and unfortunately, shampooing too frequently can strip your hair of its naturally hydrating oils. Shampooing less can help keep your hair hydrated, so try to keep hair washing days to once or twice a week.

Speaking of showering and parched locks, hot water is another culprit. Hot showers may feel great, but your hair does not agree. Luke warm or even cool water won’t dry out your hair and helps keep the frizz at bay.

Pro Tip: Cut shampoo usage down to once or twice a week.

2. Use a Wide Tooth Comb

Brushing your hair with a bristle brush causes friction and doing so while wet can even cause breakage. A wide tooth comb helps to avoid this by gently detangling and reducing stress on the hair follicle. This means healthier hair and less frizz for you.

Pro tip: For those with curly hair, try using a wide tooth comb in the shower with conditioner to protect those delicate curls.

3. Switch Your Towel to a Microfiber Cloth

Ditching your standard bathroom towel is the best way to dry hair without frizz. Microfiber is soft and works great to wick moisture away from the hair follicle without being rough or overdrying.

Try not to twist or rub your hair too hard because that can cause breakage. Instead, gently pat and dab your hair dry.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a microfiber towel on hand, a cotton t-shirt will do the trick!

4. Use Leave-in Products for Your Hair Type

Straight hair craves volume and movement, so using a texturizing spray and mousse or styling creme will help keep it lively and frizz-free.

Wavy hair pairs best with some leave-in conditioner for a smooth, hydrated and bouncy look.

Curly hair needs a little more TLC–but those curls are worth the effort! Work curling cream through your hair and use your fingers to help shape your curls.

Air drying straight hair and air drying wavy hair with the goals of eliminating frizz will be different, and the same goes for curly and coily. So it is important to follow a routine and use products that work with your specific hair type. Drying your hair without frizz can be quick and easy with the right steps and tools. Check out more frizzy hair tips here.

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