Unicorn hair is a fun and vibrant hair color for bold hair. Learn how to get this unique style and keep it looking fresh with our coloring tips.

You may have heard the term or seen the hashtags, but what is unicorn hair exactly? Well, it is an imaginative rainbow hair color trend that’ll make you look nothing short of magical.

Unicorn is achieved by blending a variety of beautiful pastels like mint, lavender, aqua, soft pink, and even metallics like smokey silver or rose gold for a fun and unique look that’s super customizable. But while other rainbow hair color trends focus on the tips or vibrant root-to-tip color, unicorn hair is usually created with a chunky balayage technique that keeps the rainbow look light and airy.

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Create a Blank Canvas for Rainbow Color

To get the look, you’ll have to bleach your hair first until your strands are almost white. If you’re starting with dark hair, you may need to bleach it multiple times to lift all of the pigment. The bleaching process is very damaging to your hair, so if you’re new to coloring, you may want to consult a professional stylist.

In between bleach sessions, wash your mane with a color correcting shampoo. It’ll help cancel out any warm or brassy tones to help aid your miraculous unicorn transformation.

Choose Your Colors

Because unicorn hair is so versatile, you can customize your colors to create a style that’s uniquely you. From deep gem tones to soft pastels to shiny metallics, you can turn your tresses literally any color of the rainbow. But no matter which color you choose, some amount of bleaching will be involved.

Spend some time scouring Pinterest and Instagram for unicorn hair looks you love. After that, we recommend going to an expert colorist who can meld whichever gorgeous pastels you choose to create a magical, pin-worthy look.

Care for Your Rainbow Hair to Prevent Fading

Soft pastels and metallic hues look gorgeous, but they just don’t last long on your hair. Protect your beautiful unicorn mane from fading by shampooing less often. The more you shampoo, the faster your unicorn hair will fade.

The bleaching process can leave hair dry, brittle, and prone to damage. Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and cool it with the heat tools! Excess heat will deprive your delicate, bleach-damaged strands of moisturizing natural oils, so if you must heat style, use a heat protecting spray. And if you plan to make unicorn hair your signature style, keep it looking soft and fresh with regular touch-ups at the salon.

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