2B Hair Type: What Is It & How to Care For It

Cruise with John Frieda on this journey to explore 2B waves.
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Got surfer girl beach waves? You’re most likely a 2B hair type and the envy of all your friends. 2B hair doesn’t form spirals like curly hair, but the full, “S”-shaped waves are usually smooth, clearly defined, and effortless.

So, what works for 2B hair? Read on for everything you need to know about how to take care of 2B hair.

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What Is 2B Hair?

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Unlike curly hair types and even 2C hair, 2B hair type waves start further down the hair shaft. If you have 2B hair, your hair may be primarily straight and flat at the roots but forms full, bouncy waves as you travel toward the ends. It also has a not-too-fine, not-too-thick texture that makes styling fairly easy.

But while 2B hair may appear to be one of the least demanding hair types, 2B hair girls experience their own struggles. Without the right products and care routine, waves can fall flat, lacking definition. The 2B hair type also experiences frizz.

But while 2B hair may appear to be one of the least demanding hair types, 2B hair girls experience their own struggles. Without the right products and care routine, waves can fall flat, lacking in definition. The 2B hair type also experiences frizz.

How to Take Care of 2B Hair

Although not technically curly, 2B waves can still experience dryness and frizz. Flat roots can also prevent your 2B hair from looking as full and bouncy as you’d like. Here are our top tips for getting gorgeous, voluminous waves daily.

  1. Use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner: 2B hair is easily weighed down by product buildup and impurities. Strip out the gunk and refresh your waves with a clarifying formula.
  2. Don’t neglect moisture: Wavy hair can still be prone to dryness and damage. Protect your wavy locks by spritzing on a nourishing leave-in conditioner after showering and before detangling. And if your waves are looking a little strung-out and frizzy, try co-washing with a frizz-fighting conditioner or deep conditioning with a smoothing hair mask.
  3. Diffuse to dry: Give your roots a boost while protecting your waves from damaging heat by drying your 2B hair upside down with a diffuser. Use a smoothing, heat-protecting styling spray before blow drying to add definition, protection, and shine.
  4. Go heatless: Skip the heat tools and scrunch in a smoothing, lightweight styling foam to give your waves better form without weighing them down.
  5. Revive your roots with dry shampoo: In between washes, use a volumizing dry shampoo to eliminate greasiness and give roots some oomph.
  6. Encourage volume by clipping: You can also try a technique called “root-clipping” to add extra volume. Tilt your head so your hair falls away from your scalp, and begin clipping small sections of hair at the root with double or single-prong clips. In 10-15 minutes, weighed-down waves will have a noticeable lift.
  7. Use sea salt spray: Going for that tousled, beachy look? Add texture and lift with a volumizing sea salt spray.
  8. Try “plopping” overnight: Protect your waves from flyaways and wake up to effortless style in the morning by “plopping” damp hair. Use a soft cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel, flip your hair upside down, and tie the fabric around your head. Unwrap in the morning, scrunch in a little product to fight flyaways, and go!

Hairstyles to Try with 2B Hair

These fun styles take your gorgeous 2B waves to the next level.

  1. Highlights: Add extra dimension and shine to your waves with highlights or a balayage. Experiment with different colors and shades for a new look.
  2. Effortless Bun: Tie your hair into a loose, low bun and let the natural waves of your 2B hair frame your face for a simple, chic style.
  3. Baby Braids: Try small, face-framing braids for a trendy twist on your 2B waves.

Key Takeaways

  1. 2B hair is characterized by full, loose waves that start midway down the hair shaft with straight hair toward the roots. Frizz and lack of definition are the main concerns for this hair type.
  2. Encouraging lift with lightweight, volumizing products is the key to soft, healthy, well-defined waves.
  3. The beachy waves of 2B hair are easy to style. Try highlights, a low bun, or baby braids.

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