Use our tips to brighten your blonde hair to keep it looking vibrant! We'll show you the best products to use to keep your hair looking brilliant and hair care habits to avoid.
With blonde hair, the struggle to keep it bold and bright is real. Even when you're diligent about your blonde hair care routine, dullness and brassiness can creep in and steal your shine. Want to get your brilliance back? Use our top blonde hair tips to extend your color and get bright blonde hair!

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Coloring your hair often comes with unforeseen results, and blonde can mean so many different things. Vibrant blonde hair doesn’t just happen! If you’re looking to brighten your blonde hair, it’s important to make sure you’re taking the right steps to care for your hair.

1. Invest in a Water Filter to Prevent Hard Water

Hard water is loaded with color-striping minerals, like copper, chlorine, calcium, and magnesium. While not hazardous to your physical health, hard water can wreak havoc on your hair and is notorious for dulling blonde locks. Protect yourself by investing in a shower head filter, which typically cost between $20 to $60, depending on the model. When you're traveling, bring a bottle of spring water into the shower with you and use it for your final rinse.

2. Switch to a Shampoo for Blonde Hair

You can brighten your blond hair easily with different shampoos meant for your hair shade. From a brightening shampoo for regular blondes to purple shampoos for those with brassy tones, you can easily brighten your hair in the shower. An essential for colored blonde hair, brightening shampoo gently removes dark, dull build-up to reveal natural-looking blonde with a full spectrum of tones.

To properly wash blonde hair, limit cleansing to two or three times a week. Shampoos remove natural oils and strip hair of its pigment, so the more often you wash your blonde hair, the quicker it will fade. If you get oily hair in between washes, try a dry shampoo on days when you don’t wash your hair.

...brightening shampoo gently removes dark, dull build-up to reveal natural-looking blonde with a full spectrum of tones.

3. Avoid Rinsing Blonde Hair With Hot Water

Not only does hot water dry out your skin, it also opens up the hair’s cuticles, which can result in fading color. Cold water, on the other hand, does just the opposite—it seals the cuticle, which helps preserve color while adding softness and shine. Try to use water as cool as you can stand. When it's time to rinse out your conditioner.

4. Hydrate Your Hair With Moisturizing Conditioner and Hair Masks

Hydrated hair is healthy hair, whether it’s blonde, blue, or pink! Moisture is essential for color-treated blondes, since lightening your hair can be extremely drying and damaging. Use a generous amount of conditioner when washing your hair.

Moisture is essential for color-treated blondes, since lightening your hair can be extremely drying and damaging.

A nourishing conditioner for blonde hair will help brighten your hair while restoring moisture and softness to your locks. At least once a week, use a nourishing hair mask to strengthen lightened blond hair and prevent future damage.

5. Avoid Overheating Your Hair

Take a break from heat styling whenever possible, as a heavy reliance on heat tools can drastically shorten the lifespan of your blonde hair. When you do rev up the blow dryer, flat iron, or curling wand, always prep your hair with a heat styling spray. Blow dry on a cool setting (unless your hair is extremely coarse or thick, there's rarely a reason to use maximum heat) and make sure your dryer or wand is constantly on the move—concentrated heat on a specific spot can do major damage.

6. Protect Your Hair from UV Rays

The sun's harmful UV rays don't just damage skin. They can also take a toll on your hair color, particularly if it's blonde—so don't believe the myth that the sun will naturally lighten blonde hair. Protect your blonde hair with a sun hat or baseball cap and apply protective spray to prevent sun damage.

Think there's nothing you can do to minimize those inevitable dark roots? Think again! One of the best ways to keep your color bright in between salon sessions is to use a hair lightening spray for blondes. Applied to damp hair after you use your blond hair shampoo or hair lightening shampoo, they gradually boost life back into your color, usually after just three to five uses. Look for a lightening spray enriched with chamomile and citrus to help subtly blend roots and enhance shine.

Already have the products you need but want to opt for more subtle ways to specifically brighten your blonde hair? Try a brightening shampoo, conditoner, or brightening blonde hair treatment.


  • If you’re looking to lighten your blonde hair, there are various lightening methods from bleaching to lightening shampoos to even lemon juice.
  • Take care of your blonde hair by continuing to apply the tips that will help to brighten your hair, whether that’s using toning shampoos or protecting your precious locks from the sun.
  • One of the most common issues for blonde hair is when brassy tones appear. There’s nothing like a dull brass to take away the bright shine of your blonde hair. So make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to fix and prevent brassy hair.

With these tips and tricks, you’re ready to take on the task of brightening your blonde hair! For more blonde hair help, check out the John Frieda blog.

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