Marina Angioletti

Marina Angioletti is a content creator and curly hair enthusiast based in New York City. She struggled a lot over the years to embrace her natural hair but found community online connecting with other Naturals and learning to love her hair and herself. She's excited to team up with John Frieda to create and share content that'll inspire the brand's community to do the same - embrace and love their curls.


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Carly Cardellino, a distinguished figure in the beauty world, is renowned for her impressive career. She is the former Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan magazine, with work published in Byrdie, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Into the Gloss, Coveteur, and more. She is also a beauty expert, content creator consultant, and freelance beauty writer. In 2020, Carly embarked on an independent venture to create content across social media for brands that resonate with her. She boasts a diverse, engaged audience encompassing celebrities, industry tastemakers, experts, editors, and consumers, making her a respected and sought-after voice in beauty and fashion.


Dave Stanwell is a celebrity hairstylist and male groomer who has become a trendsetter in the entertainment and beauty industry. Dave's artistic vision and ability to customize hairstyles to each of his individual clients have brought a fresh perspective to the industry. Dave's impressive roster of celebrity clients includes Jenna Ortega, James Marsden, Rachel Brosnahan, Octavia Spencer, Lili Reinhart, and more.


Elba is a creative stylist with 27 years of working alongside the John Frieda House of Experts. She's known for cutting and styling wavy or curly hair and travels the US touring and teaching people how to get their best hair texture while using products. She serves clients in NYC and can often be found at fashion week, magazine shoots, and makeover TV segments.


Greta Wilson is a social media influencer from Florida whose online presence has caught fire across multiple platforms, with her viral sensation revolving around her beach-loving lifestyle and coveted wavy hair routine. Fueled by her creativity and love of photography, Greta continues to craft captivating content and infuse her distinctive beauty flair into every project.


Laura Polko is a highly sought-after beauty influencer in LA and one of Hollywood's most
in-demand hair stylists. Her talent, creativity, and signature "chic cool girl hair" styling have led her to work with numerous A-list celebrities, like Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Emma Chamberlain, Haley Lu, and Hailee Steinfeld. Her work has graced the pages of top fashion and beauty publications such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and more.