5 Hair Color Trends and Hair Dye Ideas

Looking to dye your hair at home? Use our tips to learn how to dye your hair to enhance your color or try a bold new look at home!
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There are lots of ways to switch up your look. Get a fresh wardrobe, a new piercing, or tattoo, and you’re sure to feel like a new person. But new clothes might not be enough of a statement, and a tattoo or piercing might be too much of a commitment. Coloring your hair can be a happy medium.

At-home dye kits were one of the biggest hair color trends, but the reopening of salons presents a world of new hairstyles to try out. If you’re looking for hair dye ideas, these five hair color trends are your best bet for a fresh look, whether you’re at home or in a stylist’s chair.

Hair Color for Warm Vs. Cool Tones

A few lucky people can seemingly rock any hairstyle, but for most of us, the wrong color can be a disaster. What makes a hair color “right” or “wrong”? Several factors determine whether a hair color will suit you or not, but the most crucial consideration is typically your skin tone.

Determining your skin tone is the first step to finding the best hair color.

For people with warm or cool tones, though, matching a warm or cool hair color to your skin tone is the key to determining which hair colors will flatter.

Cool Skin Tone Warm Skin Tone
Veins Your veins appear to be green through your skin Your veins are more green than blue
Jewelry Silver jewelry tends to look the best on you Gold jewelry tends to look better on you than silver
Eyes Your eyes are a green, blue, or deep brown color Your eyes are green, amber, or hazel color
Tanning You do not tan easily It is easy for you to get a tan

If you don’t fall neatly into either category, you likely have neutral skin—and you might be one of those lucky ones who looks great with any hair color. For people with warm or cool tones, though, matching a warm or cool hair color to your skin tone is the key to determining which hair colors will flatter.

Five Hair Dye Trends and Ideas to Die for

1. Shadow Roots

Roots haven’t always been cool, but there’s no doubt that they are currently in. What might’ve been a style faux-pas 20 years ago is now the hottest look in the book. Shadow roots — the latest incarnation of the trend — entails melding darker roots with lighter shades for a beautifully blended look. The result, as the name suggests, is a shadow-like ombre that looks both effortless and elegant. Looking great isn’t the only benefit shadow roots offer, though. Some of the other advantages you can enjoy from this style include the following:

  • Extend the life of your color or balayage by blending seamlessly
  • Have to dye less regularly to maintain your original color
  • Keep hair healthier by minimizing the chemical processing of dye

Shadow roots also offer the opportunity to let your natural color shine. If you want the fun of hair dye but don’t want to lose your natural shade completely, letting your roots grow out into a shadow fade gives you the best of both worlds. If your roots aren’t naturally dark, darkening them to achieve the shadow look can create beautiful results and a fresh, vintage look.

2. Shades of Red

Nothing is spicier than a red-hot redhead. Even if you aren’t naturally blessed with scarlet locks, you can get on this trend with the right shade and enjoy the attention that only comes with red hair. Red is flattering to both cool and warm skin tones, and it can either be bold or subtle. This versatility is what makes it such an appealing option, so it’s no wonder this timeless trend is at the forefront once again. Some of the hues you can consider include:

  • Bold copper colors for warmer skin tones
  • Lighter strawberry shades for cooler skin tones
  • Deep burgundy for either warm or cool tones

It is important to note that any shade of red will typically require more maintenance than other colors. Keeping your hair out of the sun will help you extend its vibrancy, and using specialized products can further prevent your red-hot hair from fading. If you want shades like flames, this is the summer to be feisty, and your hair is the perfect way to do it.

3. Face-Framing Streaks

At the end of the day, good hair is all about making your face look its best. Hair is just a vehicle for accentuating your features and bringing out the best in your visage. Face-framing streaks take this principle to its natural conclusion and deliberately frame your face in contrasting colors. The result is a strikingly complementary look that makes your face the focal point. Other reasons you might want to try face-framing streaks are that you can:

  • Be as bold or subtle as you want with high contrast colors or a shade similar to your existing color
  • Experiment with new colors without committing to dying your whole head
  • Customize the look by making the streaks chunky or opting for slimmer, subtler streaks

The sheer versatility of this trend makes it a must-try for anybody who wants to spice up their hair game this summer. Because such a small portion of hair is dyed, the look is also low commitment. So if you don’t love it, or want to try something else, it’s easy to do so.

4. Dimensional Black

You might think that black is basic, but it’s an established standard for a reason. Is there anything more iconic than a head of shiny raven locks? Black hair creates a gorgeous Snow White effect for cooler skin tones, giving you a striking contrast between your hair, eyes, and skin. Warmer skin tones can enjoy the deep, golden hues that black brings out. In short, black is almost universally flattering, and dimensional black brings a new twist to this classic color that:

  • Blends lighter undertones with a rich, shiny gloss to create dimension
  • Creates a healthy look with the contrast between light hues and shiny texture
  • It’s flattering for all skin tones—warm, cool, and neutral

Achieving the correct contrast between shine and highlight is a job for a professional hairstylist, so if you’re interested in trying out the dimensional black look, be sure to go to a salon for service. Trying it at home can result in a dull, flat color at best, and damaged hair at worst.

5. Blended Highlights

Summer styles are all about blending, and blended highlights are one of the top trends. Who says you have to choose one color for your highlights? You don’t! You can enjoy a rainbow array — or simply different shades — the next time you hit the salon. Blended highlights are one of the best hair color ideas, and they’re flattering to both warm and cool skin tones. They also offer:

  • Framing bold highlights with darker hair for an ombre effect
  • Lower maintenance than typical highlights
  • Brightening for the hair around your face to compliment your features
  • Plenty of variety to choose from, so you can achieve the look you want

Whether you want chunky or sleek, bright or subdued, blended highlights offer an easy way to create a multi-dimensional color that’s stylish and low maintenance. You can choose the colors that are best suited to your skin tone and blend them seamlessly. When you need a refresh, it’s easy to simply brighten the lighter parts of your hair to make blended highlights look brand new again.

Hair Color Care Essentials

The lifespan, vibrancy, and quality of your color depends entirely on how well you care for it. If you’re dying at home, John Frieda hair dyes make it easy to change up your color and care for your hair. If you’re hitting the salon, though, the responsibility is yours to ensure that your hair is nourished and protected.

Specially-formulated John Frieda products can help you boost color when it needs a refresh, preserve its hue, and protect it from fading. Hair color requires maintenance, and many hair color trends require additional maintenance to keep blending and effects intact.
Invest in products such as the following designed specifically for dying and dyed hair:

Whether you’re at home or the salon, you deserve professional results. Salon-grade hair care can help you take care of your color and ensure your hair stays healthy. Invest in dye, shampoo, and conditioner designed especially for hair color enthusiasts. Interested in more products to try for red hair? Browse our red hair concern and red radiant hair care products.

Best Products for Color-Treated Hair

John Frieda offers hair dye and hair care products that nourish and protect color-treated hair. Whether you’re opting for a brazen blue or a regal red, you want a color that will last and show off your style. Professional grade formulas and salon-inspired products offer exactly that. Customers can call 1-800-521-3189, or reach out online to learn more about available products and find the best hair care and color resources.

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