Curly hair is more prone to dryness and damage, which can lead to frizzy hair. Use our best tips to help you get rid of frizzy curly hair today!
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Frizz can affect anyone, but curly-headed ladies deal with frizz more regularly. But what causes frizzy hair? Well, curly and wavy hair tends to be drier, prone to damage, and generally more challenging to manage. Friction, heat-styling, chemical processing, and using the wrong styling products can all turn those gorgeous curls into a frizzy mess.

So are you doomed to a life of frizz if your hair is naturally curly or wavy? No way! Here’s how to get rid of frizzy curly hair and regain smooth, shiny curls.

What Causes Frizz in Curly Hair?

Frizzy hair typically results from dry or damaged hair, allowing moisture from the air to enter the hair shaft and cause swelling, leading to frizz. Curly and wavy hair is particularly susceptible to dryness and frizz due to its structure. Along with heat damage from styling tools and chemical treatments, like dyeing and bleaching, this can harm the hair's cuticle and lead to brittleness and frizz.

How to Prevent Frizzy, Curly Hair

Preventing frizz in your curls is all about keeping your locks hydrated, limiting damage, and reducing friction—the three main culprits of frizz. John Frieda knows frizz and knows how to help you with their Frizz Ease line. See below for the steps and products you can use to prevent frizz:

Step 1: Don’t overwash your curls

Curls are often naturally drier than other hair types, so cutting back on the shampoo or choosing amoisturizing shampoocan help your curly locks retain moisture. Use dry shampoo on days you skip traditional shampoo days to keep hair fresh. If your hair is dehydrated, skip the shampoo and use amoisturizing conditioner to stop curly hair from frizzing. For additional treatment on days you don’t shower, apply acurl-resetting sprayto refresh your hair.

Step 2: Deep condition often

Use a hydrating hair mask 2-3 times per week to hydrate your locks from the inside out. Masks infused with nourishing oils, like avocado oil, can help smooth and strengthen your strands, leaving them shiny and healthy.

Step 3: Take a break from heat styling

Flat irons, hairdryers, and curling wands can burn your hair’s cuticle and disrupt your curl pattern. If you must blow-dry your hair, use a diffuser, and prime your curls for styling with a heat-protecting spray.

Step 4: Get a trim

Eliminate breakage and split ends with regular haircuts to help tame frizz.

How to Style Curly Hair

Curly hair needs extra care. Follow these styling tips to help keep your curls smooth, shiny, and separated.

Step 1: Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

When you shower, wash and condition your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner designed for frizzy hair.

Step 2: Towel dry gently.

Rough cotton towels can pull at your strands and damage the hair’s cuticle. Use a soft cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture from your mane.

Step 3: Don’t brush.

Brushing is an absolute recipe for frizz, especially on dry curls. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb or just your fingers to gently detangle and separate your curls.

Step 4: Define your curls.

Gently work in a curl-defining gel on wet hair. Then, cup your hands and gently scrunch your curls upward.

Step 5: Create a barrier against humidity.

Use a dime-sized amount of hair serum into your palms on the ends of wet hair to boost shine, seal in moisture, and repel humidity. Especially for long curly hair, make sure to apply serum on all ends.

Step 6: Air dry your hair.

Again, heat styling can be very damaging to your delicate curls. Air dry your hair whenever possible, and rely on a daily styling spray for a non-damaging way to style your curls. Don’t be afraid to use these products liberally, coating each coil. John Frieda’s frizz-fighting products are designed to help hydrate and protect your hair for smooth, shiny curls.

Step 7: Protect your style with hairspray.

Combat humidity and keep your curls in place strands all day with a frizz-fighting hairspray.

Step 8: Use a secret weapon.

Combat mid-day flyaways by applying a little hair smoothing cream over dry, curly hair whenever frizz strikes.

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How to Manage and Control Poofy Hair

Sometimes having frizz along with extra poofy hair can be an even bigger struggle. Along with our previous tips about using a moisturizing shampoo, leave-in conditioner, the right heat protectant products, towel drying lightly, and more, here’s how to make curly hair less poofy to make controlling frizz easier:

  1. Use a microfiber towel. The smooth texture of microfiber reduces friction and promotes a smoother, less frizzy appearance in curly hair.
  2. Try a silk pillowcase. The smooth surface of these materials minimizes friction, preventing hair from getting roughed up during sleep and thereby reducing the likelihood of waking up with frizzy hair.
  3. If you really need to use heat, try diffusing your hair: Using a diffuser attachment with a hair dryer can help reduce frizz in curly hair by evenly distributing airflow and preserving the natural curl pattern.

How to Reset Frizzy Hair Quickly

Having a frizz emergency? Eliminate frizz instantly and reset your curls fast with these quick tips.

  1. Wet your hair down. Hop in the shower, or if you’re out and about, use a little water from the sink to dampen your curls. If you have access to a styling spray for curly hair, apply it to damp hair to help reduce frizz and define curls.
  2. Use a little product. For frizz emergencies, we love using touch-up cream on dry hair when we’re on the go. But if you’re caught unprepared, a tiny bit of hand lotion can work in a pinch to smooth unruly flyaways or split ends.
  3. Tie it up. We all have bad hair days. If the frizz is simply out of control, tie your curls back in a loose braid, bun, or other hairstyle for frizzy hair.

Love your curls. Check out more John Frieda hair care tips for frizzy hair here.

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