Three wavy hair techniques for seriously gorgeous hair!
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Everyone loves a beach babe. Those soft, loose waves frame every face shape and look great on nearly every type and length of hair. Although they look effortless, getting perfect, frizz-free beachy waves is about finding the right products and techniques. Here’s how to get wavy hair so manageable and natural-looking you’ll look like you just returned from a day at the beach.

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How to Get Wavy Hair: Top 3 Techniques

1. Add Loose Waves With a Flat-Iron

Best for: Medium-length to long hair
Styling time: 2 minutes
Suggested tools: Flat-iron, texturizing spray

  1. Starting with clean hair, spray your locks liberally with a heat-protecting flat-iron spray to help seal in moisture and protect against frizz.
  2. Part your hair down the middle and gather it into two sections. Then, divide each section into two more sections.
  3. Twist the first section of hair tightly into a long cord, holding the end to keep the twist tight and taut. Clamp your flat iron gently down the twist, starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. Repeat with each section of hair.
  4. Allow the hair to cool completely, then gently unravel each twist with your fingers to reveal soft, loose waves.
  5. Spritz in a sea salt spray or flexible-hold hairspray and scrunch those waves upwards to add volume and gorgeous beachy texture.

2. Use a Curling Wand for Effortless Beach Waves

Best for: Medium-length to long hair
Styling time: 10 minutes
Suggested tools: Curling wand with a barrel larger than 32mm for more natural-looking waves, texturizing spray, flexible hold hairspray

  1. Starting with clean, dry, tangle-free locks, pull all your hair into a high ponytail.
  2. Wrap a small, 1-inch section of hair around your curling wand, starting at the base of your ponytail and twisting away from your face.
  3. Repeat with small sections of hair from your ponytail, keeping the curled sections separate as you work.
  4. Release your hair from the ponytail and scrunch in a texturizing sea salt spray to add volume and bring out your waves.
  5. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray to keep your waves fresh all day.

3. Get Heatless Waves with Overnight Braids

Best for: Medium-length to long hair
Styling time: 3 minutes
Suggested tools: Wide-toothed comb, hair tie, texturizing spray, flexible hold hairspray

  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo for curly hair and a curl-defining conditioner.
  2. Starting with clean, damp hair, work in a styling foam to enhance your natural waves.
  3. Part your hair down the middle and divide it into two sections. Beginning at the crown of one side of your head, twist hair into a two-strand rope braid, adding more hair from the underside as you work your way down.
  4. Spiral the rope braid into a tight bun at the base of your head and secure it with a soft scrunchy or hair elastic.
  5. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Leave the braids overnight to dry and set.
  7. In the morning, gently unravel each twist and separate it with your fingers. Don’t brush! This will encourage frizz.
  8. For a final touch, use a curl-defining cream oil to nourish your hair and define your waves.

Our Top Tips for Creating Perfect Wavy Hair

If you’ve straightened your hair, but the results aren’t as sleek and shiny as you had hoped, here are some of the most common hair-straightening mistakes and how to fix them.

  • Fight frizz with a moisturizing hair serum. Wavy hair is more prone to dryness and frizz. Help your hair build frizz immunity with a humidity-fighting, heat-protecting hair serum.
  • Enhance natural waves with styling foam. Already rocking the wavy-hair life? Scrunch in a styling foam to boost your natural waves while taming frizz.
  • Avoid touching your hair too much. Once you’ve created those gorgeous waves, let them be! The more you touch your hair, the more you’ll ruffle the cuticle, creating frizz.
  • Don’t forget to protect your hair against heat damage. Using hot tools to get the wavy look? Protect those strands with a hydrating, heat-protecting, frizz-smoothing primer.
  • Protect your hair from breakage and frizz overnight. Tie your hair up into a loose bun with a soft scrunchy and sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to minimize frizz-inducing friction.

Rock those beach-babe waves! Check out more of our haircare tips for wavy hair and wavy hair care products.

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